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Guitar Tutorials - 31 Videos:

Guitar 101: Day 1 in Learning Guitar

How to play the guitar? This is your day one in learning the guitar.


Guitar 102: Pick vs Fingers

Differences between playing with a pick or playing with your fingers.


Guitar 103: Strings Changing

How to change the strings of the guitar? Learn the most common method.


Guitar 104: TAB Reading

Learn how to read music TAB Sheets which is the most used guitar music writing.


Guitar 105: Asturias Level 0

The first music song for a beginner that focuses on the thumb finger.


Guitar 106: Flamenco Guitar vs Classical Guitar

Learn the 7 main differences between Flamenco & Classical


Guitar 107: Song 2

Song number 2 for the beginners in guitar learning with focus on treble.


Guitar 108: Music Ladder

The main music ladder of the guitar, understand normal and sharp notes.


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